The Marie Alexander Poetry Series


The Marie Alexander Poetry Series is pleased to announce that Nicole Stellon O'Donnell has been selected as the winner of our most recent open submission reading for her collection of prose poems and flash essays, You Are No Longer in Trouble. Part memoir and part investigation into the educational system, this compelling linked series explores the connections between one teacherís family history, her experience of being a student, and the persona she has to wear in the classroom.

This collection will be published in March 2019. Should you be interested in sending your work in for consideration of our next open reading, visit our guidelines here.

Friday, April 1, 2016
Marie Alexander Series Reading at AWP

Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 406 AB, Meeting Room Level
The Flash Sequence: A Reading and Discussion. (Deb Marquart, Irena Praitis, Siel Ju, Jenn Koiter, Sonia Greenfield)
For 20 years, the Marie Alexander Series has published hybrid work: prose poems, flash fiction, lyric essays, and books that mix all three and defy categorization. For our 20th anniversary, we decided to publish an anthology of flash sequences—that is, pieces comprising short prose segments. We received over 400 submissions, and the resulting collection contains a wide variety of approaches to this form. Each participant will read and discuss his or her contribution to the anthology.

Thursday, April 9, 2015
Marie Alexander Series Reading at AWP

Minneapolis Convention Center, Room 211, 10:30 am
Featuring Nickole Brown, Re'Lynn Hansen, Madelon Sprengnether, Alison Townsend, Rochelle Hurt
Flat Lands and Open Waters: Reading Hybridity into the Midwest. The paradigm of form has shifted to include hybrid works such as the poem novella, the lyric essay, the prose poem, and flash nonfiction. How do the challenges and rewards of living in the flatlands yield to a fluidity and hybridity in writing? These Midwestern authors, all published by the White Pine Press Marie Alexander series featuring prose poem and hybrid forms, will read work and discuss the confluence of aesthetics between living/writing from the midlands and having an openness to form.

January, 2015

The Marie Alexander Series is pleased to announce that Re'Lynn Hansen's To Some Women I Have Known will be out in time for AWP 2015 in Minneapolis! This memoir is told through lyrical explorations of the women in her life who calibrated their own moral compass and defined their own beauty.  .