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Family Portrait: American Prose Poetry 1900-1950, Robert Alexander, ed., 2012

The House of Your Dream, Robert Alexander & Dennis Maloney, eds., 2008

Nothing to Declare,, Robert Alexander Eric Braun, & Debra Marquart, eds., 2015

Traffic, Jack Anderson, 1998

Reaching Out to the World, Robert Bly, 2009

Pretty, Kim Chinquee, 2010

All of Us, Elisabeth Frost, 2011

Magdalena, Maureen Gibbon, 2007

To Some Women I Have Know, Re'Lynn Hansen, 2015

Your Sun, Manny, Marie Harris, 1999

The Rusted City, Rochelle Hurt, 2014

Angles of Approach, Holly Iglesias, 2010

Light From An Eclipse, Nancy Lagomarsino, 2005

Moments Without Names, Morton Marcus, 2002

Whatever Shines, Kathleen McGookey, 2001

Northern Latitudes, Lawrence Millman, 2000

A Handbook for Writers, Vern Rutsala, 2004

The Angel of Duluth, Madelon Sprengnether, 2006

Bright Advent, Robert Strong, 2017

The Blue Dress, Alison Townsend, 2003

Postage Due, Julie Marie Wade, 2013

The Marie Alexander Poetry Series

Nothing to Declare: A Guide to the Flash Sequence

Edited by Robert Alexander, Eric Braun, & Debra Marquart

Pub Date: 2015
ISBN (Trade paper): 978-1-935210-81-8

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A ground-breaking anthology of cross-genre work with a unique focus—the flash sequence, defined as an “accumulation of two or more prose pieces, with each segment not to exceed 500 words”—Nothing to Declare brings together over fifty of America’s most compelling writers with their own vision of the flash sequence, including linked prose poems, narrative sequences, lyrical essays, koans, fairy tales, and epistolary addresses.


"Nothing to Declare is a rich tapestry of voices from some of the best contemporary writers who have chosen to both create and champion ‘hybrid forms.’ Within these prose poems, lyric essays, flash fictions, and other close, elbow-rubbing cousins, so much is explored, transformed, contemplated, revealed and, most importantly, accomplished... linguistic eloquence, bold narratives, unbounded energy, compelling and often odd characters traversing equally compelling and often odd landscapes."
—Mary A. Koncel

"Looks like we have us a brave new narrative genre on our hands, the flash sequence, and if Nothing To Declare is any indication, the genre is both protean and bountiful. These innovative and fearless narratives combine the art of the glimpse with the craft of the gaze. They are what Virginia Woolf would have called little miraculous illuminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the dark. Buy this book, savor it. You’ll be tempted to read it straight through, but you’ll also want to stop after each piece and consider what just shook you and rattled your mind. A reader’s happiest dilemma."
—John Dufresne

"An important addition to the burgeoning exploration of brief prose and flash fiction. The editors, in Nothing to Declare, have gathered an abundance of rich, fragmented, carefully crafted moments that carry import on their own, but woven together create a new kind of fervent energy."
—Tara L. Masih, editor of The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction

"Nothing to Declare reads like the world of our dreams, except we don’t want to awaken from these imaginings: so unexpected, so revelatory, such exquisite prose (and poetry). These ‘sequences,’ as the editors choose to call them, may be undefinable, but they are certainly not indescribable. I describe them as hypnotic, startling, and alive.”
—Dinty W. Moore


Robert Alexander
Nin Andrews
John Azrak
Wendy Barker
Eric Braun
Amy Knox Brown
Nickole Brown
Leah Browning
Cathleen Calbert
Michael Campagnoli
Christopher Citro
Jennifer Kwon Dobbs
Jacqueline Doyle
Russell Evatt
Wesley Fairman
Elisabeth Frost
Casey Fuller
Molly Fuller
Maureen Gibbon
Sarah Goldstein
Jeffrey Greene
Sonia Greenfield
Carol Guess
Jessica Rae Hahn
Marie Harris
Jim Harrison
Pamela Hart
Holly Iglesias
Siel Ju
Elizabeth Kerlikowske
Robert King
Jenn Koiter
Elizabeth Langemak
Gian Lombardo
Christina Manweller
Debra Marquart
Kathleen McGookey
Monica Nawrocki
Pamela Painter
Irena Praitis
Alizabeth Rasmussen
William Reichard
Richard Robbins
Jim Ruland
F. Daniel Rzicznek
Lucas Southworth
Julie Stotz-Ghosh
Laura Tansley
Bob Thurber
Alison Townsend
C. W. Truesdale
Luisa Villani
Mark Vinz
Julie Marie Wade
Cecilia Woloch
Gary Young

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